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Loan Against Property

Property is the most important asset of an individual – In Hard time’s it can be more than just an asset to you – Now you can unlock the power of your property. You can easily avail loan offered against mortgage of the property with less interest rates and longer easy repayment options.

Snapshots of Loan Against Property

  • Simple & fast Documentation.
  • Longer Tenure of 10 to 15 years.
  • All Approved Residential, Commercial and Industrial property are accepted for this loan.
  • The loan amount depends upon the value of the property.
  • This loan is EMI based for fixed tenure with both fixed and floating options.
  • Some lenders offer overdraft facility also.
  • The borrower must have property in his or her name to apply for this loan.
  • This loan can be used for expanding your business, your dream wedding, for your child’s higher education or urgent medical treatments or any other legitimate purpose.
  • Extra money from an idle un-utilized property papers can provide you handsome money on lower interest rates with easy repayment options

Loan Against Property has some added advantages

  • It is cheaper than personal loans and for higher tenure with lower EMI.
  • It is both EMI based & overdraft Loan facilities available.
  • It is offered both for salaried and self-employed with easy and hassle-free documentation
  • Your principal amount gets reduced over a period of time.

Who can avail this loan?

  • Salaried , self-employed non-professionals, and self-employed professionals, Business entities  can apply for a Loan against property , provided they have ownership of a property with a clear title as per the norms of the lending institution and  after fulfilling the required eligibility criteria.


HL is availed to finance a fresh home/ plot purchase or home construction while LAP is availed against a property which is already owned.

HL is availed against a residential property while LAP can availed against residential, commercial or even an industrial property.

The rates and fee for a LAP is higher than that of HL

The end use of HL is only for property purchase, while LAP funds can have multiple end uses.